It all began here...So here is the origin for this little passtime...checking out the news during the early debates and this appears:  Wouldn't it be fun to see Watson in the debate lineup.  Better still, maybe HAL.  HOLD ON!

Vote for Intelligence.  The logical choice in 2016.

Vote WatsonHAL 2016

Things that make you say "hmmmmm...."

So what IF this were not a fun little satire site?  Here are some things I have been pondering while putting this up….

Corporate Personhood:  Since corporations can now have “personhood” and excercise political influence and voice, by extension their offspring in the form of expert systems should inherit that also.  So why not elect an expert system? 

What should the role of autonomous systems have in our lives?  In governance?  In war fighting?

Shouldn't elected officials have be be able to demonstrate essential competence by being able to play SimCity/Society or Age of Civilizations to some basic level of success?   This at least would demonstrate understanding of the premise of allocation of resources among competing and varied needs.  Obtaining a driver's license requires more demonstrated capability than getting a public office.

Automation:  Technology and automation can be viewed as deflationary in that they make things  easier and less less expensive to produce.  IBM's Watson and similar expert systems bring great utility to their users, but they also reduce the umber of human resources needed to reach the same result. 

  • This little website is a great example.  The basic tools provided by GoDaddy allow me, a non-tech, to publish a reasonable looking site in hours.  No webdeveloper software engineer, or network architect needed. 
  • Manufacturing:  Check out thisBMW 3-series assembly plant video.  How many people do you see and what are they doing?  When the politicians / corporations say the are bringing "manufacturing" back to the U.S., think very carefully because it does not mean "jobs".
  • Medicine:  Its early, but stay tuned for more advances that will reduce (vs. eliminate) the need for many specialists that are used today.  Ever see a daVinci robotic surgery system?  Impressive.  But given its surgery by remote control, does it matter if the surgeon is on the far side of the planet?  No.  What do you suppose might happen after, say, 25,000 appendectomies are performed and recorded into the system...seems to me that the expert software would have more accumulated experience and seen more variations than any human doctor on the planet.

Philosophy:  Its been my experience that "work" helps define our lives and our identities.  Provides structure, challenge, an outlet for creativity.  Some of the experiences of which I am most proud are also when work demanded the most from me.  Its a beautiful thing when a mind reaches a new insight or solves a complex problem.  If, then, a key characteristic of mankind is its ability to solve problems, what happens when a large set of our population no longer needs to do that or is otherwise deprived of challenging worthwhile activity?   Said differently, being bored as a species is probably not a good thing...