Vote WatsonHAL 2016

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Working Hard For You.  Always.

Vote for Intelligence.  The logical choice in 2016.

Presidential Intelligence. 

Artificial.  Unbiased.  Uncorrupted.  Ego-free.

Meet Watson and HAL.  They are the world's first 24/7 Presidential team. 

No worries about being awake to get the "3am phone call"...Watson and HAL are always available.

They make their decisions in milliseconds.  Never forget.  Never get distracted. 

Watson is the thinker and problem solver.  HAL brings attitude and "muscle" and the focus to see the job through.

If you share the vision, I urge you to join in and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and our country. 

OK... so by now you may have concluded this is a FUN satire website.  Yes, I know, bummer.  I would like to vote for them too.  (Write in???)  But you can still get involved. 

DO THIS:  take your campaign contribution and give it one of the organizations that are legitimately helping our youth.  Here are two: 

If you don't like these choices, find your own.  But do something  to help the youth as they are the ones that will have to sweep up this mess in future years.